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Starting Your Health Journey

We invite you to take control of your health and wellbeing. We are here to guide you and support you in reaching your weight loss, fitness, or rehabilitation goals. Our mission is to help as many people as possible in improving their health. Our training focuses on improving health without needlessly damaging the body. We are trained professionals who know what it takes to make a positive change in your health.
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Weight Loss & Fitness Training

Whether you want to lose weight or want optimal performance training to move with the strength and speed of a world-class athlete, we can help you achieve your goals. 
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Therapeutic Services

We provide many therapeutic options, from rehabilitation stretching, to red light therapy, leg and hip compression therapy, soft tissue release and more.
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About Hack My Health

Our goal is to offer our clients the latest proven information, training, and therapeutic services to make a positive impact on their health and vitality.
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"Mika is an exceptional trainer. His goal is to develop his clients' lifelong habits of balanced posture, core strength, muscle growth, and the accompanying weight maintenance. He his dedicated to developing his clients core competencies."

- Rener N.


"Mika is an excellent trainer. He's extremely knowledgeable about fitness, but not just the physical aspect but also the overall commitment to a healthy lifestyle. He tailors his workouts to the clients' needs, sets realistic expectations, and provides support every step of the way. Be the best you - you can be!"

- James C.


"He's a great trainer, helping my son with endurance and basketball training. He's improving, thank you."

- Kareisha P.