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Getting quality training tailored to your unique body should be convenient and reliable. We know how challenging finding the right support can be, so we’ve specialized in empowering our clients through specially planned training, client education and functional support to help you every step of the way in your health and fitness journey. Our goal is to deliver results, and we encourage questions throughout the process. We start by assessing your unique needs during our first session.

Unfortunately, most traditional machines and gym workouts put you in very specific movements which lock the body into unnatural positions for performing exercise. All our fitness sessions focus on functional training, which is more readily transferable to everyday life and living in a three-dimensional space. We will introduce you to a wide assortment of movements and shapes of workout tools. This style of training helps our clients reduce the risk of injury when performing uncommon movements throughout their life.

Whether you want to lose weight, maximize your full potential as an athlete, or simply want therapeutic treatment to help recover and rehabilitate from injury, we can help.

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Credentials & Certifications

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Personal Trainer
Youth Exercise Specialist
Weight Loss Specialist
Senior Fitness Specialist
Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Behavior Modification Specialist
Women's Fitness Specialist
Neuro Rehab Specialist - Z Health
Neuro Integration Specialist - Z Health
Soft Myofascial Release Specialist - SMR
Advanced Stretching Techniques (CRAC & ELS)
Stretching Specialist - Pain Posture Performance
Soft Tissue Release Specialist - Pain Posture Performance

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