Mika has been a great personal trainer for me. I'm an active senior. I have been a lifelong golfer, but now play more bridge than golf. For that reason, I need to work out even more. I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Mika has helped me stay active and strong even more than my physical therapist. He has knowledge of my health limitations and has always planned my workout programs with that in mind. He as encouraged me when I needed encouragement and pushed me when I needed a nudge. When I wanted to lose a few pounds he helped me get there. I first started working with Mika about one and half year ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Mika is a good listener, easy to work with, but yet still extremely professional. I highly recommend Mika as a personal trainer, you will not be disappointed.
— Pat S.

Mika is an extraordinary personal trainer. He is very passionate about fitness and goes above and beyond of tailoring a fitness program for your specific needs. He will help you every step of the way he really has your best interest in mind.
There are no words to express the gratitude I feel towards Mika for helping me lose 55lbs and I know with his help and guidance I will reach my goal weight. if you're looking for a personal trainer the search ends here. Mika is truly the best trainer to have on your side. I highly recommend him. He's the best!!
— Stella A.

Hack My Health Fitness is a life saver and Mika is an extremely talented trainer. He makes sure every session I have with him includes a wholistic approach to maximize my health and mobility beyond simply losing weight. He genuinely cares about people’s wellbeing, so while you will get a worthwhile workout, it will also be a safe one. I’ve had experiences with trainers in the past where I nearly tore tendons or ruined my wrist, but that’s not the case with Mika. He knows his stuff and respects his clients. If you are looking to better your health, strength, mobility, or need a specialist who can help unique health conditions, the go-to person is Mika.
— Aris G.

I've had an awesome experience receiving personal training from Mika Rivera! He was very patient, extremely friendly, and helped me achieve my fitness goals in a timely manner. He would also go the extra mile in assisting me whenever I needed it if I was working out on my own, and would educate me on exercises (what muscles were being used etc).

Overall it was a great experience and I recommend him to anyone serious about their health and fitness lifestyle!
— Jordan D.

He's a great trainer, helping my son with endurance and basketball training. He's improving, thank you.
— Kareisha P.

Mika has become more than a trainer, he's like family. He started training my daughter 3 years ago when she was 12. She had a recurring knee injury that kept her from playing soccer. Through his strength, conditioning, and stretching programs, she was able to continue her sport. When she turned 14, she decided to take her training to another level and become a competitive player. With Mika's conditioning, speed and agility training, he has taken her to a level that has allowed her within less than a year, to be highly competitive in club soccer. She is now 15 and is a starter on a silver elite level with constant comments on her athleticism, speed, and strength. He not only trains her body, but my daughter acknowledges him as a mentor. He manages to train her butt off but make it fun! After being with Mika for 3 years, I can vouch for his results and professionalism. I would highly recommend him!
— Angela D.

I'd first like to express the level of professionalism and knowledge this trainer possesses. I was extremely impressed by the evaluation and the corrective exercises dealt. I have been working with Mika and his training program, and not only have I corrected my disfunctions, I was was made aware and given an in-depth accurate description of how I can avoid falling back into these. Since then, I have gained endurance and agility in my pursuance of getting into better shape. Mika is a great motivator and really has the client's best interest in mind at all times. I recommend this trainer to anyone that's serious about incredible long lasting results. Thanks Mika.
— Daniel M.

Mika is an exceptional trainer. His goal is to develop his clients' lifelong habits of balanced posture, core strength, muscle growth, and the accompanying weight maintenance. He his dedicated to developing his clients' core competencies.
— Rener N.

Mika is an excellent trainer. He's extremely knowledgeable about fitness, but not just the physical aspect but also the overall commitment to a healthy lifestyle. He tailors his workouts to the clients' needs, sets realistic expectations, and provides support every step of the way. Be the best you - you can be!
— James C.

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