Weight loss training

Weight Loss

Our approach to weight loss coaching is to focus on cardio-respiratory training. The way to burn fat during a workout involves fast paced interval training. We focus on getting the heart rate up to burn through fat. Getting the heart rate, respiration, and perspiration rate up are all important.
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Group fitness training at hack my health

Fitness Training

We tailor our training to your unique body and physical needs to help you get into optimal health and fitness. We utilize advanced exercise and training techniques to help overcome both physical and psychological ailments during our training session. We work through your unique needs to better understand the challenges you are facing. Our program is comprehensive and designed around you. You won’t see any cookie-cutter training routines here.
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Man performance training at hack my health

Performance Training

Training for performance starts with the sport or activity in mind. It is sport specific. We follow the SAID principle. Specific adaptation imposes demand. Since sport training modalities are so different, general trainers don't know what kinds of workouts to do. Training sessions need to be designed specifically for the sport. We excel in performance training to get athletes to go beyond what they believe to be their maximum ability. We work with athletes of any sport.
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Kickboxing & Self Defense

Training for kickboxing and self defense is great for both personal protection and getting into peak performance and health.
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Soft tissue therapy with foam roller

Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release has similarities to sports massage. It is a combination of advanced forms of stretching and trigger point therapy to help relieve tightness, pain, and increase performance. We provide assisted myofascial release and train you on how to perform self-myofascial release.
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Person experiencing leg compression therapy

Compression Therapy

We can help improve your recovery quality and time with compression therapy. Proper compression therapy flushes the lymphatic system and mobilizes stagnant blood to heal and rejuvenate the body. It brings oxygen to your muscles so you can recover faster and better. It’s our clients’ favorite recovery routine.
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Red light therapy at hack my health

Red Light Therapy

Red-light therapy is shown to support healthier sleep, reduce inflammation, improve skin health, and improve recovery. It’s even found to improve blood flow, provide a positive effect on a person’s sleep, and health. Red light therapy provides the healthy light our body needs without the harmful UV radiation from the sun.
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